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Welcome to Little Learners

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our students' safety and well-being is our #1 priority!

 Check out all the ways we are keeping our preschool families, children, and staff, safe and well.

Shoes cleaned

Clean Shoes

Upon entering, adults and children walk across our "Sanitize and Dry" mat, which cleans the bottoms of everyone's shoes. 


Hands Washed coming & Going

Wash your hands

Upon entering, the children wash their hands at the sinks with soap and water.  Whether it's singing the "ABC Song" or "Happy Birthday" or quoting a Bible verse, the teachers encourage the children to take adequate time and demonstrate the proper procedure for thorough hand-washing.


Lots of Cleaning

Continual cleaning

While we have always cleaned our facility every evening, we now clean and sanitize and disinfect SEVERAL times a day.  Any surfaces that children and staff regularly touch, such as door handles, gates, and faucets, are sanitized throughout the day. 



Secured Entrance

In our double door entry way, the first set of doors are unlocked.  However, the second set of doors are locked (first picture) and will NOT be opened to anyone we do not know.  We can open these doors remotely for any of our families needing to enter.

We have a doorbell, camera, and intercom (middle picture) where we can communicate with the unknown individual without opening the door. 

The third picture is of a poster that is hanging in our entry way explaining why we will not open the door for someone we do not recognize, and the steps for them to take to get assistance.


Small class sizes

Small ratios 

Having a 7500 square foot facility and 5 classrooms, allows us to maintain a small teacher-to-student ratio in each room.  Our goal is to maintain a limit of no more than 10-12 children in the upper age classrooms, with a smaller ratio in our younger-aged classrooms.


Classroom Safety Tools

While all precautions are taken to ensure that no unidentified individual can enter our facility, should someone dangerous get in, each classroom is equipped with "tools" to prevent the stranger entering the classroom.  These tools are to be installed either under the door handle, or placed on the doorway hinge.  They are just one more way we try to keep the children in our care SAFE!

Additional safety features

In addition to the above features to keep our children safe and well, we also have the following:

  • Overhead Sprinklers throughout the facility (in case of fire)
  • Walkie-Talkies assigned to each staff member and worn daily, so ensure universal communication with the staff
  • Choking Device in case there is a choking episode
  • Windows that open in every classroom to provide students an additional way to exit the building in an emergency