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Welcome to Little Learners

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It's Gonna Be a Cool, Cool Summer!

We have an exceptional, like-no-other, exciting summer planned this year!  It's going to be a mix of fun summer camps with some summer school.  (But we aren't mentioning the "school" part out loud, because our campers are only going to experience "fun"!)

Read about all the fun (and learning) we are going to have HERE.  This is certainly going to be a summer your child will enjoy!

And if you would prefer to save your ink, just fill out the form below.  Once we receive it, we will send you a personal confirmation email.  (But you will need to read the original registration form first.)  

Extended Care.  Extended Care is available during the summer before and after camps or classes. 

Summer Fun

  • Summer
  • Happy Camper!
  • It's a Beautiful Morning at Little Learners!
  • Fun with Paint
  • Painting with Celery?
  • Rock Climbing!
  • All Aboard!
  • Marble Painting
  • Proud of his sand art creation
  • Just hanging out!
  • Bubble Fun!
  • Bubbles!
  • Colorful Fork Flowers
  • Colorful Skittle Science Experiment
  • Colorful Canvas Creations